IFME Awards for Excellence - Nominations Now Open


Nominations are now invited from IFME member associations. All IFME member associations are invited to nominate two projects for the 2024 IFME Excellence Awards.

The Awards will be presented at the 21st IFME ‘Future Green City’ World Congress in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on 25 September 2024. This is a joint Congress with World Urban Parks in association with Stadswerk.

The IFME Awards have been established to recognise projects that deliver outstanding community outcomes, improved service standards and positive impacts for society.

Award Categories:

A. Construction Project
B. Development Project (non-Construction)

There is a limit of one entry per category, per IFME member country. Only online entries through Judgify are accepted.

Evaluation Criteria: 

The IFME Awards recognise the municipal projects that best deliver against the following criteria:

A. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's)

Select and self-evaluate against up to 3 SDG's (up to 150 words each).

B. IFME award global objectives

Project description including how the project delivered (up to 250 words each):

  •  Innovation & creativity in municipal engineering
  • Environmental benefits for the community
  • Transfer potential to other municipalities or countries
  • Successful completion of the project

Award Rules:

  1. Nominations are only accepted from IFME-member countries.
  2. Only one entry is to be submitted for each award category from a member country
  3. The project cannot be submitted more than once
  4. Projects should not be older than four years from completion as of 31 May 2024
  5. Applications should be descriptive such that evaluation can be made against the above award criteria.

The Judgify online platform at will accept entries including the following information:

  • Executive Summary (up to 100 words)
  • Project description against the above four IFME award global objectives (up to 4 x 250 words)
  • Self-evaluation on how the project meets up to 3 of the UN SDGs (up to 150 words each); details of the UN SDG’s are available at
  • High-resolution photograph suitable for publication
  • Details of the project team including the role played by the nominee or project team, and the role/s played by external consultants and/or contractors.

Award Timetable:
Nominations close on 31 May 2024. Judging will follow with the Awards Ceremony at the IFME World Congress in Utrecht, The Netherlands, on 25 September, 2024.

Submissions will be accepted online through the Judgify platform. Submissions may be saved to continue to edit and update online. Entrants may download a PDF of the final submission.

Submit your entries by 31 May 2024 at Any enquiries to

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